Trauma Therapy in Walnut Creek

Trauma Therapy

Are you…

… a survivor of early childhood trauma?

… having difficulty sleeping at night?

… having reoccurring nightmares? Or frequent nightmares?

… having mood swings that include irritability, anger, fear, anxiety, and/or nervousness?

… feeling “on edge”?

… having difficulty concentrating?

… struggling to relax?

… feeling guilt, shame and/or self-blame?

… finding yourself withdrawing from others?

… not engaging in activities that you once enjoyed?

… feeling sad, hopeless, disconnected, or numb?

Trauma can leave you struggling with intense emotions, memories, anxiety, self-loathing and depression that won’t go away. Consequently, this is where therapy can help.

I don’t want you to be suffering, in the trauma spiral, anymore.

trauma therapy

Maybe you experienced a one-time tragic event or years of abuse. Regardless, the psychological effects of trauma can be debilitating. The effects can make it hard to function in day to day life.

Therefore, I want to help you heal. I have tools that will help you get to the root of your trauma so you can experience shifts quickly.

Some of the tools I use include somatic (body-based) interventions, breath work, guided imagery, Sand Play, mindfulness, and parts work.

However, out of all of the tools I have in my toolkit to heal trauma, the one that I am the most excited about is Brainspotting. Brainspotting (BSP) is a brain and body-based therapy.

Through BSP, you can experience effective, fast and long-lasting healing. Also, Brainspotting doesn’t have any negative side effects!

In using Brainspotting, I have seen clients…

… shift from not sleeping due to nightmares to sleeping normally again.

… confidently make the decision to leave an abusive relationship or toxic work environment after one Brainspotting session.

… significantly reduce their fear of traveling.

… eliminate the emotional charge towards their abuser (and reduced the subsequent anxiety) from being sexually abused as a child.

… tell me that after Brainspotting sessions, they feel like a “reset” button was hit and they can leave with a sense of calm and peace.

… significantly reduce the severity and length of their panic attacks after several sessions.

… heal from the trauma of experiencing multiple major-car accidents.

… reduce their overall stress level and connect with their own inner happiness and joy for life.

Naturally, results vary depending on each individual and how each person holds their trauma. There is no way that I (nor anyone) can predict how long it can take to heal. As we say in Brainspotting, “your brain knows what it needs to heal”.

But, healing is a journey. Once we pass over one roadblock, we uncover that there are more pieces to heal.

Now I know what may be coming up for you… Gosh, those are some pretty big changes. The thought of these things going away is scary to me! In fact, part of me is afraid that doing Brainspotting will make me re-live all of my trauma all over again.

I want to tell you that response is very normal. Also, it’s important to know that: You don’t need to know or even understand all of your trauma in order to heal from it.

Also, you don’t need to “re-live” all of your trauma in order to heal. In fact, your brain would never do that to you.

Your brain knows what it needs to heal. Above all, your brain will only give you what you can handle. Which, for most people, involve emotions, body sensations, and/or memories that intensify, shift and gradually diminish.

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, I am very aware that no one-method will work for everyone, all the time, every time.

Therefore, I use body-based tools like Brainspotting, mindfulness, breath work, etc. with traditional talk therapies. I’ve found this to be very effective in healing the trauma.

Do you want to learn more?

If so, please contact me to schedule your free phone consultation. I would love to answer any questions that you have for me and I look forward to hearing about how I can best support you!

Brainspotting Walnut Creek


Jennifer Twardowski, MFT is a holistic psychotherapist and Certified Brainspotting Practitioner serving Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Alamo, Danville, Concord, Martinez, and surrounding areas of Contra Costa County and the San Francisco East Bay. Click here to learn more about her and her practice.