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Codependency Therapy in Walnut Creek

Do you…

… struggle to say “no” to others.

… tend to put the needs of others before your own.

… have low self-esteem.

… feel responsible for other people’s feelings and problems.

… fear making mistakes.

… easily get triggered if someone shares an opinion that is different from yours.

… can tend to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do.

… afraid of being rejected or abandoned.

… tend to feel lonely or depressed when you’re not in an intimate relationship.

… struggle to end an abusive or painful relationship.

… are more focused on what others need to fix, rather than your part.

… have a hard time to receiving from others.

… are out of touch with your own feelings and needs.

If you relate, you may be codependent.

I don’t want you to suffer anymore.


Codependents have been traditionally viewed as the enabler in relationship with an addict. However, we know that today that codependent patterns can emerge from all kinds of upbringings.

Ultimately, codependents were taught at a young age that they are responsible for the needs and feelings of other people. Often, codependents were raised in a relatively unpredictable or inconsistent home environment, where they learned that the only way to make the environment stable was to take care of and over accommodate for others.

Living with codependency can be exhausting, lonely and even heartbreaking.

Codependency makes relationships hard. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for someone with codependency to struggle to maintain relationships and feel loved, cared for, and fulfilled.

With codependency, it’s easy to be drained, lonely, depressed or anxious. You tend to focus so much on other people and their feelings, needs and problems that there is no space for you. Therefore, you may desperately want to connect with and heal others. However, there’s a fear that you’ll be rejected or abandoned.

Fortunately, therapy is a space where it is all about you.

In therapy, you don’t need to focus on or worry about anyone else. Therefore, you can share your thoughts and feelings and they can be validated, accepted and honored.

In therapy, you can simply be you — and you won’t be judged, criticized or rejected.

I believe that you can heal from codependency.

Living with codependency is hard. So, I want to help you heal.

As your therapist, I am non-judgmental and accepting of where my clients are in the moment. Also, I am non-pathologizing in my approach. Meaning: I believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with you.

As a holistic therapist, I am trained to focus on the “big picture”. Therefore, I will support you in uncovering any experiences that have led you to have a codependent pattern.

Naturally, all of this is at your own pace on your own time. You are in the drivers seat and I’m supporting you along the way. I will help you get more in touch with your feelings. Therefore, you can gain a better sense of who you are. Also, I will support you in healing from any past traumas or blocks that we may uncover in our work together.

Therapy is a place where you can be you. In therapy, you are safe of any judgment or criticism. You have time and space to talk about, feel, explore and experience whatever you want. As your therapist, I am here for guidance and support. Ultimately, it’s your choice because it is your time and space.

Do you want to learn more about holistic therapy for codependency?

If so, please contact me. I would love to answer any questions you have and I look forward to hearing about how I can best support you!

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Jennifer Twardowski, MFT is a holistic psychotherapist and Certified Brainspotting Practitioner serving Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Alamo, Danville, Concord, Martinez, and surrounding areas of the San Francisco East Bay. Click here to learn more about her and her practice.